Major Petroleum Retailer

Farmington, New York

September 2020 – November 2020

Project Overview

Terra Nova completed a remedial system installation project for a national downstream retailer. Since early September, Terra Nova has worked closely with the project engineer to install remedial trenches and subsurface piping for a packaged air sparge system. Bedrock, conflicting with the installation grades, was removed with a hydraulic, rotary demolition head mounted on an excavator. Over 1300 feet of PVC piping is currently being installed and tied into a manifold system supporting a packaged air sparge system provided by our customer. Terra Nova’s work includes all Health and Safety Management, saw cutting, demolition, pipe installations and connections, utility support, and restoration. Terra Nova managed all impacted material as well as all site restoration tasks.

Project Highlights

  • Selective demolition and subsurface structure installation at an active gas station.

  • Installation of over 1300 feet of 5.5’ deep trenching and subsurface piping as well as attendant removal of bedrock and utilities

  • Aggressive site safety and management program addressing constant risk of third parties entering the construction zone.

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