Every Terra Nova Solutions team member is trained to meet or exceed Federal OSHA Guidelines for work in Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120) as well as Confined Space Entry (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146). This enables us to keep our customers apprised of, and in compliance with, changing rules and regulations. Read on to learn about our Industrial, Remediation, Emergency Response, and Waste Management solutions.


Resin, Persistent Product, Chemical and Fuel Tank Cleaning (AST and UST)

Terra Nova is a national leader in the cleaning of tanks with resins, slags, No 6 oil and other persistent products. Over the past 15 years, we have developed specialty tools and methods to reduce entry into confined spaces and have grown, with our clients in the modifications of our means and methods based on safety and lessons learned from the industry as a whole. Terra Nova’s staff is a trusted, time tested provider of select, challenging tank cleaning services at several facilities nationwide that require consistent performance and schedule adherence. Terra Nova’s staff are also expert and routinely support our clients with respect to DOT and EPA regulations related to waste transportation and disposal.

Dry Ice Blasting

Terra Nova offers several methods of abrasive blasting to remove coatings and other materials in industrial and manufacturing locations. Our crews have significant experience utilizing C02 blasting for tasks such as black mold removal, electrical component cleaning, lead and oil surface cleaning, storage tanks and boiler area cleanings. The work is often done prior to testing, during a shutdown or in preparation for coatings; all when timing is critical. Terra Nova teams are often able to achieve near new performance after cleaning. Among the benefits of dry ice blasting by Terra Nova’s trained crews are a reduction in resulting waste, the safety of exposure to employees and the speed with which the blasting can be performed when compared to other removal methods.

Hydro-blasting and Line Moling

Terra Nova provides advanced hydro blasting and line moling services (up to 40,000 psi) to several industries on a selective basis. Our staff are an integral part of dozens of plant operations that require shutdowns and period maintenance of equipment. Terra Nova owns and operates several hydro-blasters complete with assigned teams and equipment, who have intimate experience with the units and their attendant H&S and operational procedures. As the single most dangerous service line we offer, a significant amount of resources are invested each year on training, equipment, PPE and project selection and quality control to support the overall service line.

Pit, Vat, Pipe Trench, Sump & Basin Cleaning

As part of our standard in plant service offering and afforded largely by our sizable vacuum fleet, Terra Nova provides routine, time sensitive cleaning of various containments and areas requiring confined space entry. Our behavior-based safety program belies all our CSE permitting, JSAs and other reporting. Terra Nova is uniquely equipped to provide cleaning for virtually all types of vessels and structures including oil/water separators, storm and electric manholes, culverts, trenching, piping etc. These crews are either the same or interact closely with Terra Nova’s emergency response staff and maintain a state of readiness 24/7/365 for several large utilities in our operation regions.


Locating cables, pipelines and other utilities for maintenance and repairs. In the past this was done either slowly by hand or dangerously with excavation equipment. Terra Nova utilizes specialty pneumatic equipment equipped high pressure water and air to break up and remove soil via air conveyance into a vacuum truck. This provides a much safer, much more efficient method of excavation in areas where extreme caution must be taken and where mechanical excavation is not permissible. with water 

Demolition and Decontamination

Terra Nova performs both selective and full-scale demolition services in both emergency and scheduled situations. As many demolition projects require elements of decontamination and cleaning prior to demolition, Terra Nova self performs a full range of regulated building material removal services including asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs and universal waste. Terra Nova has direct experience managing, packaging these wastes and routinely do so seamlessly as part of a project’s overall waste management program.

Operations and Maintenance

Terra Nova’s innovative approach to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services at both active and inactive facilities provides our clients cost effective solutions in our operating geography. Terra Nova provides O&M services including install, system start-up/ trouble shooting, routine sampling/analysis/monitoring and reporting, preventive maintenance, documentation/recordkeeping support.

Other industrial services include:

  • Industrial HEPA vacuuming services
  • Roll off container services
  • STI SP001 certified above ground storage tank inspections
  • Confined Space Entry Cleaning Services
  • Facility Decontamination / Decommissioning
  • General Vacuum Truck / Tanker Services
  • Bulk Product Transfer
  • Bulk Liquid, Sludge and Solid Transportation and Disposal
  • Wastewater Transportation and Disposal
  • Used Oil Transportation and Disposal
  • Wastewater and other Non-Hazardous Transportation & Disposal
  • Sludge/sediment Solidification and disposal
  • Industrial pressure washing and equipment decontamination and hydro-mowing
  • Heat exchanger, cooling tower, duct and process pipe and sewer cleaning/CCTV

At Terra Nova, we like to operate as a “toolbox” to the engineering industry. That is, we prefer to serve as a trusted member of our client’s teams, to collaboratively execute field services and can be placed “back on the shelf” until future use. Most of our remediation work is performed in a design build fashion, with Terra Nova adding significant value to the planning, costing and constructability review phases. Our remediation business model is predicated upon maintaining very close relationships with our engineering clients and performing as an extension of their field services group.

Removal of impacted soil and groundwater

Remedial excavation and dewatering are core service offerings for Terra Nova. Built upon a foundation of significant experience (average 25 years +) our excavation and sitework teams routinely perform the excavation and management of target materials in a variety of conditions on a national level, for some of the top clientele in the environmental industry. This experience includes sites in congested urban areas, remote locations and otherwise challenging terrain as well as a wide variety of remedial applications deployed.

Our remedial excavation and dewatering resume include everything from surgical, small excavations related to buried drums, debris, unknown cylinders to mass excavation operations totaling over 90,000 CY.

Terra Nova’s field crews also have significant, self-perform experience implementing temporary odor control measures such as foams, enclosures and temporary structures to contain and treat fugitive emissions such as dust, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs).

Because remediation goals for contaminated sites are often driven by groundwater standards, the management of impacted groundwater is a pivotal element of any remedial operation. Terra Nova has decades of demonstrated experience with controlling and managing groundwater via several technologies including fixed well points and temporary, portable dewatering and treatment systems. Our systems typically target suspended solids reduction, carbon adsorption, metals precipitation and NAPL recovery.

Terra Nova, benefits from the support of a large transport equipment fleet and maintains a large fleet of other water management equipment consisting of specialized pumps, tanks, treatment equipment and bulk transport equipment ranging from 2800 gallons to over 9000 gallons in capacity.

Treatment of impacted soil and groundwater

 Where project goals require in-situ treatment of contaminated media, Terra Nova successfully implements remedial measures including soil mixing/ stabilization, cut off walls, injections and other technologies.

Terra Nova provides mobile water treatment systems for routine, scheduled service applications as well as dispatching them on an emergency basis.  The Company’s capacities range from 10 to approximately 500 gallons per minute and are available in a number of sizes and configurations.  All systems are pre-assembled, self-contained, requiring minimal setup time upon mobilization and are available as trailer-mount, skid-mount or containerized.

Terra Nova also routinely fabricates and constructs integrated remediation systems configured to meet designed, site-specific cleanup criteria while satisfying air and/or water quality discharge standards. The Company’s integrated remedial systems address all aspects of surface and subsurface contamination as it exists in groundwater and soil.

Geotechnical Construction Services

Many of Terra Nova’s remediation projects are located on sites where traditional, open cut remedial measures are not practical. Terra Nova’s staff has significant experience implementing insitu remedials in concert with our engineering partners. Terra Nova’s multi-disciplinary teams have decades of experience with operations such as:

  • Shallow (<30’) soil mixing/injections with a variety of implements including hydraulic heads, augers, buckets and pugmills and a variety of other implements.
  • Shallow slurry and cut off walls of specialty design
  • Complex excavation support systems consisting of sheet pile installation, timber wall & lagging, slide rails, trench boxes, tie backs and vinyl sheeting

Capping and Containment

 A significant portion of Terra Nova’s remedial resume includes containment construction and capping as remedial measures. These are normally installed where typical open cut and source removal activities are not permissible or where it may be advantageous to control and cap materials onsite.

Terra Nova’s staff has performed dozens of such engineered capping projects, ranging from 1.5 acres to over 40 acres and involving engineered/ RCRA caps, drainage, gas venting, storm water and erosion control.

Manufactured Gas Plant Remediation

Terra Nova’s primary remediation crews have over 25 years of experience remediating former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) sites. Many of these projects have involved excavation of large quantities of coal tar contaminated soil as well as ancillary tasks such as selective, subsurface decommissioning and demolition, large-scale dewatering, excavation support, road building and subsurface utility abandonment and capping. Most of Terra Nova’s MGP resume includes sites in congested urban areas for some of the leading utilities on the east coast. As part of these projects Terra Nova has effectively utilized odor and vapor control measures and has performed work within temporary structures and enclosures.

Lagoon /Basin Closure

Owing to its industrial roots, Terra Nova performs lined and unlined basin and lagoon closures for select industries; namely manufacturing and chemical. These projects are performed with equipment similar to what is used in our wetland reclamation service line and generally include mass material conditioning, solidification, staging area construction, long reach or pneumatic equipment and small pond dredges. Terra Nova leverages its industrial resources and routinely self performs the installation and operation of the waste processing systems for basin cleanings and closures.

Wetland and sediment removal/replacement

Wetland and riparian areas are often the final location for many contaminants as they move through the fluvial and terrestrial systems. The wetland/ sediment portion of the environmental industry has performed particularly well over the last decade and continues to benefit from relatively consistent funding sources and high-profile programs. However, remediation of these areas is often complex and involve specialized techniques such as bypass pumping, large scale dewatering, dredging, solidification and restoration of wetland habitat, often not readily available on local basis. Terra Nova has responded to this challenge by investing heavily in personnel and equipment resources to support the national sediment remediation industry and offers the most effective solutions for these projects by providing services based on proven technologies. Our experience with sediment remediation and wetland mitigation involves bypass pumping of active watercourses for extended periods of time, near shore mechanical dredging rebuilding, stabilization and realignment of riparian areas, dewatering and flow control of ponds and marshes through cofferdams and sheet pile walls, other hydraulic control devices, and restoration of habitat including construction of riffle zones, pools, log vanes, root wad structures, and re-planting of wetland species.

Residential Remediation

Similar to sediment removal actions, the residential remediation industry has experienced several large programs, both federal and commercial during the last decade. Multi-site/ neighborhood residential remediation programs require a level of due care and process often not required on other projects. Terra Nova’s staff has significant experience on these engagements and demonstrated ability to work seamlessly and surgically in ultra-sensitive work zones. Owing largely to staff who are crossed training in emergency response services, Terra Nova is able to provide a higher level of service on a programmatic and /or high-volume basis.

Mechanical Site Development Services

The installation of new utilities often follows demolition of former structures at remedial sites. Especially on brownfield sites or other development projects, the ability to “put the site back together again” is a valued asset of Terra Nova and part of our base service offering. We offer a full range of self-performed utility installation services such as storm drainage, sewer and water piping, steam and condensate piping, pump stations and vaults, oil/water separators, leachate collection and conveyance systems site grading, concrete flat work, retaining walls and general site development. The ability to self-perform these services results in less subcontractors on the site and a simpler administration effort.

In select regions, Terra Nova provides 24-hour emergency response services. Terra Nova’s management team has extensive knowledge of the emergency response business on national level and we are thrilled to offer this service to clients where it generally coincides with our industrial and remediation business.

Terra Nova’s emergency response service offers containment and cleanup of accidental material releases. ZEBRA routinely responds to most types of chemical and petroleum releases resulting from transport tanker spills, rail tank car spills or facility accidents. Our response team’s rapid mobilization and readiness for emergencies helps cost and environmental impacts.

Many of the Terra Nova’s decontamination and remediation activities result from a response to an emergency situation by its experienced emergency response teams.  Terra Nova’s involvement with these engagements is full circle and include the initial rapid response, containment of the product, removal and waste characterization, and lastly transportation and disposal in some cases at our own facility in High Point, NC.

Terra Nova’s leadership team includes individuals with over 30 years of hands on waste collection, treatment and disposal experience. Management constructed Terra Nova’s 22-acre, non-hazardous waste processing facility in High Point, NC from the ground up and continues to operate it daily.

The facility is located in High Point, NC, conveniently located between Highways 29/70 (Business I – 85) and new 311. The facility affords Terra Nova the ability to blend fuels, separate water and fuel, stabilize and solidify non-hazardous sludge’s and solid waste for direct bulk transportation and disposal.

The process area allows for year-round facility operations and includes a 140,000 gallons of above ground tank storage and heated process piping to complement the process area. The concrete dike for the storage tanks is constructed with state-of-the-art design to support spill containment.

Our facility allows Terra Nova to offer complete and comprehensive stabilization of non-hazardous waste for cost effective bulk disposal. Terra Nova accepts and processes non-hazardous/regulated materials from a variety of containers and packaging including dump trucks/trailers, vacuum trucks/tankers, high volume wet / dry vacuum trucks, roll-offs, drums, totes and cubic yard boxes. A 22,000 square foot warehouse containing specialized equipment and complete with a six bay mechanic shop supports the processing facility. The facility and property are surrounded by a 6-foot high security fence, 24-hour video surveillance and security monitoring.

In addition to our waste processing capabilities in North Carolina, each of our industrial and remediation project across the country involves at least some element of waste disposal. All of Terra Nova’s Project Managers have at least 20 years of experience in the environmental industry and most on a national level. We maintain several meaningful relationships in the waste disposal business, aren’t beholden to any one disposal company and routinely add commercial value for the waste disposal elements of our projects on behalf of our clients.


The rules and regulations that govern industrial and environmental safety are constantly changing. If you need help understanding and responding to these, we can help.

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