Confidential Client

Upstate New York

September 2019 – December 2019

Project Overview

Terra Nova Solutions was contracted to remove chlorinated impacted soil and groundwater from survey-defined locations at the site. Each defined area was excavated to 10-13 feet below grade using a slide rail shoring system for excavation support. A total of 2,400 tons of soil was removed from the excavation stockpiled, tested, and subsequently transported off-site. A total of 100 tons of soil was segregated for hazardous off-site disposal. During the excavation, Terra Nova handled 21,000 gallons of water which were pre-treated and disposed of in the on-site water treatment system. Following excavation, we installed a demarcation fabric and restored the site with imported backfilled compacted and tested in 12-inch lifts. Surface restoration included concrete, asphalt, and grass seed. All work was performed in accordance with New York State Department of Remediation regulations (NYS DER-10).

Project Highlights

  • Excavation, transport, and disposal via rail of 2,400 tons of impacted soil.

  • Management of 21,000 gallons of groundwater.

  • Surface restoration with concrete, asphalt, and vegetation.

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