Construction Materials Manufacturer

Sayreville, New Jersey

August 2020 – October 2020

Project Overview

This project, completed in 2020 as part of a larger stormwater improvement project and included both site work and mechanical elements. First, access was afforded to the remote work area by clearing, grubbing and the installation of a 500 feet access road. Extremely saturated sludge was then removed with hydraulic equipment, from a 4-acre forebay area, stabilized with a combination of polymer and CKD, and shipped off site for disposal at a subtitle D landfill. After the forebay area was completed, Terra Nova installed over 500 feet of new 18” storm drainage pipe complete with eight total structures in an active part of the rebar plant and through slag material. Terra Nova completed the project on time and within budget while working seamlessly with the design engineer and plant operators.

Project Highlights

  • Dredging, stabilization, and offsite disposal of over 400 CY of sediment/sludge from two stormwater detention basins

  • Stormwater pipe cleaning and mechanical improvements to four subsurface flow control structures

  • Installation of over 570 linear feet of new stormwater drainage system including 5 catch basins and 3 manholes.

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