Many of our customers value sustainability. At Terra Nova we help our customers reach their sustainability goals while building sustainability into our business relationships. Our sustainability programs include several options for disposal including fuel blending of BTU waste for cement kilns and energy recovery for electric generation; replacing the use of coal, oil and other fossil fuels. Our teams are constantly curious, innovative, and actively seek recycling or alternative uses wherever possible.

In 2020 Terra Nova reclaimed, recycled, and processed for Waste-To-Energy the following:

Waste-To-Energy: 3,185,495.6 LB
Universal Waste Recycled: 103, 996.9 LB
Recyclables: 3,147,560 LB

Submit an amount of municipal solid waste (in tons) to calculate how a move to Terra Nova Solutions can significantly reduce your organization’s environmental footprint.

Small amounts of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases.
Generate kWh of renewable electricity. Enough to power for a month.
Reduce the need for coal, or gallons of fuel oil.
Recover lbs of metals for recycling that otherwise would have been landfilled.
Produced cement at 10,000.00 BTUs

You saved trees!

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