Waste is basically anything that is discarded and no longer available for its original use or intent. Your waste can be residential, agricultural, industrial, or manufacturing. Each stream of waste has its own guidelines and determinations for recycling, renewable, landfills, biodegradable, etc. Think of old tv’s or computers (E-waste), household trash, sewage, industrial waste to be converted to energy, cardboard, plastic, restaurant grease for biofuel conversion, etc.

There are basically four waste streams:

  1. MSW-Municipal Solid Waste (your trash)
  2. Hazardous Waste (Commercial and residential)
  3. Non-hazardous Waste
  4. Recyclable/Renewable Waste

Most businesses and industries have waste stream plans that seek to convert waste into renewable energy forms, or recyclable products. However, many companies are still out there with no intentional plan that has identified their waste stream and the necessary action to act upon it. Our future depends on every home and every business having an intentional waste reduction plan that includes recycling, repurposing, composting, conservation of existing environmental hosts such as water, etc.

Companies that undergo a waste audit through a professional environmental services company are more likely to realize annual cost savings, reduction in pollution of many forms, and conservation of resources in addition to “giving back” through recycling efforts with the goal of zero landfill waste.

In the U.S. our corporate and personal lifestyles of the ‘50s to the late ’70s have caught up with us. We can no longer afford to burn trash that often includes dangerous vapors of the waste being burned, or haul old medicines, batteries, and e-waste to the dump to leach into ground systems and impact the environment and our water supply. Things as simple as low-flow faucets and toilets help conserve water. On-site recycling efforts minimize the amount of paper, plastic, and aluminum/metal waste we throw out. As a country, we have come so far both residentially and commercially, but we need to be ever vigilant of our waste streams the potential impact upon the environment.

Your company could be saving a ton in money, and resources through a simple waste audit. A professional environmental consultant can help you identify specific types of waste, appropriate streams for them, and places you can realize economic and environmental savings. A waste audit is often a wake-up call for management in industrial and commercial settings.

Whether your company deals with toxic waste, electronic, paper, chemical, or some other form of solid waste rest assured there are appropriate applications and places for it to be recycled, repurposed, or disposed of in an environmentally appropriate manner.

At Terra Nova Solutions, waste is our business! We are committed to the goal of zero-landfill waste and seek unique and creative solutions to help our clients convert, recycle, save, and contribute to the environment in healthy ways. It’s what we do! We want to help you become a good steward of the environment! Contact us today to talk about a comprehensive waste audit and let’s see how we can help you save time, money while helping the environment.

Mike Watts, Vice President – Waste Services
Terra Nova Solutions

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