Electrical Manufacturer

Bristol, Connecticut

June 2020 – December 2020

Project Overview

Terra Nova completed this wetland remediation and reclamation project in Bristol, CT performed for an electrical manufacturer and national engineering firm. The work areas, encompassing two sides of an active road, a large wetland, and pond areas were divided into work zones. In each zone, major clearing operations were performed along with water diversion and the installation of over 1,500 LF of the access road. Each work zone was also hydraulically controlled using a combination of cofferdams, diversion trenches, 4 to 12-inch pumps, and hundreds of feet of discharge piping complete with energy dissipation structures. TNS utilized GPS- controlled, hydraulic equipment as well as a handheld GPS equipment to verify excavation depths and restoration topography. Excavated soil was processed in a universal processor to reduce vegetative mass and transported to an on-site sediment management area. Once stabilized, the materials were transported to and disposed of in a Subtitle D landfill. The wetland was then rebuilt with a variety of riparian structures including specialized plantings. The project to date has achieved 9,525 injury-free hours (75 days on-site); is on schedule and under budget.

Project Highlights

  • Clearing of eight acres of heavily wooded, wetland terrain.

  • Installation of 1,500 LF of access roads in wetland conditions.

  • Excavation, stabilization, and offsite disposal of over 14,000 tons of metals impacted sediments/soils.

  • Hydraulic control of wetlands, streams and ponds utilizing 675LF of vinyl sheet piling, bypass pumping and cofferdams.

  • Construction of a sediment management area using liners, geosynthetics, asphalt, concrete block, and drainage materials.

  • Installation, maintenance, and operation of a groundwater treatment system. To date 180,000 gallons of water has been treated and discharged to the POTW.

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