We are an environmental service provider offering a wide range of innovative, multidisciplinary environmental solutions for our customers’ waste management, industrial cleaning and remediation needs. Read on to learn more about who we are.

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We ensure our customers are in compliance with complex and dynamic regulatory requirements governing existing and emerging contaminants by providing both routine industrial maintenance and serving as highly specialized partners for remedial actions. Read on to learn more about what we do.

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An unparalleled commitment to safety combined with our in-house corps of highly experienced, in-the-trenches experts sets Terra Nova Solutions apart from the pack. Read on to learn more about our difference makers.

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Our Solutions

A leader in the delivery of technology-enabled, safety-inspired industrial cleaning services, Terra Nova serves a broad cross-section of business sectors including manufacturing, energy, transportation, pharmaceutical, and construction.

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Our customers think of us as a ‘toolbox’ to their engineering operations, meaning Terra Nova Solutions serves as a trusted extension of those teams. When a service is required, we’re ‘pulled from the shelf’ and operate collaboratively to solve the challenge, then placed ‘back on the shelf’ until needed again.

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Terra Nova Solutions fully documents the disposition of all your waste. We retain copies of all documents pertaining to our services and we are willing to periodically audit your own documents to ensure that your records are also complete.

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We offer 24-hour emergency response services in select areas of the country with businesses that align with our industrial and remediation solutions. Home to a highly skilled team with extensive emergency response knowledge, we can quickly respond to a variety of challenges including chemical and petroleum releases resulting from transport tanker spills, rail tank car spills or facility accidents.

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“We work with Terra Nova because of their commitment to Health & Safety, experience, and collaborative approach to project delivery that complements our turnkey strategy.”

Senior Director - Major Design Build Firm

“As an environmental consultant, the successful remediation of a site is a critical achievement for the client. Part of this success lies with the remedial contractor, and this is why I use Terra Nova because they complete the work safely, on-time and within budget while providing excellent quality of work.”

Senior Engineer – National Environmental Consulting Firm

“I have consistently used Zebra in the last few years and will continue to use them. Whether it’s a storm, emergency response or routine work, they are always available. They always respond, are on time, use appropriate PPE, they do a good job and they are a great bunch of guys to work with!”

Mark Pritchard, Environmental Specialist, Duke Energy

“We have used Zebra Environmental and Industrial services for more than a decade and they have always been a pleasure to work with. They are safety-oriented and professional. They work on the job for the amount of time necessary to get the work done. They handle waste disposal appropriately. We have remediated a lot of contaminated properties with Zebra and never had a negative experience with them. We highly recommend Zebra.”

Jason Johnson, VP, Advanced Environmental Services

“I wanted you to know that you really saved me yesterday. That facility is sort of ‘out of sight and out of mind,’ but if that sump fills to a certain level the system shuts down. You getting that vac truck over there as quickly as you did yesterday took one less thing off my plate, and I appreciate it.”

James Hedgecock, Senior Operator, Colonial Pipeline Company

“Our Company has partnered with Terra Nova Solutions for several years now and over that time, our waste program has been in good hands. Terra Nova takes care of our business & regulatory requirements from assisting with generating waste profiles to proper waste identification to “cradle-to-grave” paperwork, and all for a reasonable cost. On top of that, Terra Nova was instrumental in getting one of our facilities reclassified to a small quantity generator of Haz waste from a large quantity generator which was very beneficial. It has been a pleasure to work with Terra Nova Solutions.”

Anonymous Client

“I want to extend a big thank you. We just completed or ISO 14001 transition audit and passed with no minor or major findings! The waste guide book was very helpful at accomplishing this goal!”

Anonymous Client


We are home to a diversified team of highly skilled experts, all of whom are capable of meeting or exceeding OSHA 29 CFR 1910.12 and Confined Space Entry OSHA 26 CFR 1910.146 standards.


Terra Nova Solutions team members average nearly 25 years of multifaceted experience working in industrial, remediation, emergency response, and waste management services.


Launched in the southeastern United States, Terra Nova Solutions has expanded up the entirety of the Eastern seaboard and is now offering services nationally as well.


The challenges of the industrial maintenance and remediation industries are complex and non-discretionary. If you need help understanding and responding to these, we can help.

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