In select regions, Terra Nova provides 24-hour emergency response services. Our management team has extensive knowledge of the emergency response business on a national level and we are thrilled to offer this service to clients where it generally coincides with our industrial and remediation business.

Terra Nova’s emergency response service offers containment and cleanup of accidental material releases. Terra Nova routinely responds to most types of chemical and petroleum releases resulting from transport tanker spills, rail tank car spills, or facility accidents. Our response team’s rapid mobilization and readiness for emergency help cost and environmental impacts.

Many of Terra Nova’s decontamination and remediation activities result from a response to an emergency by its experienced emergency response teams. Terra Nova’s involvement with these engagements is full circle and includes the initial rapid response, containment of the product, removal and waste characterization, and lastly transportation and disposal in some cases at our own facility in High Point, NC.

We are here to provide support in the capture, containment, and removal of hazardous materials as well as the remediation of areas impacted by them.


The regulatory challenges and environmental objectives of today’s industries are complex and non-discretionary. From recurring waste management to one-time cleanups, facility shutdowns to emergency response – we have the right solutions for your operations, and the regulatory expertise to give you peace of mind. Contact us today to talk to one of our environmental professionals about how we can help.

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