Safe and effective industrial services with integrated waste management solutions

Vacuum Truck and Tanker Services

Our company owned specialty pneumatic transportation fleet enables us to safely and efficiently collect and transport both hazardous and non-hazardous materials ranging from 100 gallons to over 9000 gallons.

Resin, Persistent Product, Chemical and Fuel Tank Cleaning (AST and UST)

Terra Nova is an industry leader in tank cleaning services. We have a proven history of cleaning and maintaining above and below ground tanks containing a variety of materials including fuels, chemicals, biological media, food-grade materials, resins, coatings, and other persistent substances.
We have developed specialized tools, means, and methods required for a wide variety of vessel cleanings. We routinely collect, manage and dispose of waste streams resulting from these events as part of our Total Waste Management program. Over the past 17 years, we have developed methods to reduce entry into confined spaces and have evolved our means and methods based on lessons learned from our experience and the industry as a whole. Terra Nova’s staff is a trusted, time-tested provider of challenging tank cleaning services at several facilities nationwide that require consistent performance and schedule adherence. Terra Nova’s staff are also experts and routinely support our clients concerning DOT and EPA regulations related to waste transportation and disposal.

Dry Ice Blasting

Terra Nova offers several methods of abrasive blasting to remove coatings and other materials used in industrial and manufacturing settings. Our crews have significant experience utilizing C02 blasting for tasks such as black mold removal, electrical component cleaning, lead/oil surface cleaning, storage tanks, and boiler cleanings. The work is often done before testing, during a shutdown, or when the timing is critical. Terra Nova teams are often able to achieve near-new performance after cleaning. Among the benefits of dry ice blasting is a reduction of accumulated waste, the safety of exposure to employees, and the speed with which the blasting can be performed when compared to other removal methods.

Hydro-Blasting and Line Moling

Terra Nova provides hydro-blasting and pipe cleaning services including high-pressure systems ranging from 10,000 psi – 40,000 psi. These systems are used to clean heat exchangers, boilers, tanks, reactors, and piping. A variety of 3D nozzles and automated/robotic units with rotating heads make the need for confined space entry less likely. We offer advanced hydro-blasting and line moling services (up to 40,000 psi) to several industries. Our staff are an integral part of dozens of plant operations that require shutdowns and periodic maintenance. Terra Nova owns and operates several hydro-blasters complete with assigned teams who have an intimate experience with the units and their attendant H&S and operational procedures. As the single most dangerous service line we offer, a significant amount of resources are invested each year on training, equipment, PPE, project selection, and quality control to support the hydro-blasting service line.

Pit, Vat, Pipe Trench, Sump & Basin Cleaning

We provide vacuum trucks and other pneumatic equipment to remove both wet and dry sludge, grit, and wastewater from sumps, oil-water separators, trench drains, catch basins, tanks, other equipment and containers. We are a trusted, nested element of many plant operations. As part of our standard in-plant service offering Terra Nova provides routine, time-sensitive cleaning of various contaminants and areas requiring confined space entry. Our behavior-based safety program underpins our CSE permitting, JSAs, and other reporting. Our industrial crews are either the same or interact closely with Terra Nova’s emergency response staff and maintain a state of readiness 24/7/365 for several large operators in our service geography.


Locating cables, pipelines, and other utilities for maintenance and repairs was, in the past, done slowly by hand or dangerously with excavation equipment. Terra Nova utilizes specialty pneumatic equipment equipped with high-pressure water and air to break up and remove soil via air conveyance into a vacuum truck. This provides a safer, much more efficient method of excavation in areas where open-cut excavations are not safe or practical.

Plant Shutdown and Maintenance

We provide a full range of decommissioning and active maintenance to manufacturing facilities on an industrial scale and often under strict deadlines.

Demolition and Decontamination

Terra Nova performs both selective and full-scale demolition services in both emergency and scheduled situations. Many demolition projects require elements of decontamination and cleaning before dismantlement. Terra Nova self-performs a full range of regulated building material removal services including asbestos, lead, mold, PCBs, and universal waste. Terra Nova has direct experience managing and packaging these wastes. It is performed seamlessly as part of a project’s overall waste management program.

Operations and Maintenance

Terra Nova’s innovative approach to Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services at both active and inactive facilities provide our clients cost-effective solutions on a routine basis. We provide O&M services including install, system start-up/ troubleshooting, routine sampling/analysis/monitoring and reporting, preventive maintenance, documentation/recordkeeping support.

Other industrial services include:

  • Industrial HEPA vacuuming services
  • Roll-off container services
  • Confined Space Entry Cleaning Services
  • Bulk Product Transfer
  • Bulk Liquid, Sludge, and Solid Transportation and Disposal
  • Used Oil Transportation and Disposal and Processing
  • Industrial pressure washing and equipment decontamination and hydro-mowing
  • Heat exchanger, cooling tower, duct, and process pipe and sewer cleaning/CCT
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