Design-Build For Remediation Projects

The environmental industry is relatively young. Most of the regulations that govern the work of environmental service providers were established in the 1970s. In those early years, most of the large project work was oil spill response and the attendant remediation that followed. Early industry leaders describe those early years as the “wild west” [...]

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Waste Streams & Environmental Stewardship

Waste is basically anything that is discarded and no longer available for its original use or intent. Your waste can be residential, agricultural, industrial, or manufacturing. Each stream of waste has its own guidelines and determinations for recycling, renewable, landfills, biodegradable, etc. Think of old tv’s or computers (E-waste), household trash, sewage, industrial waste to [...]

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Don’t Kill the Mascot

Over the last eight years, I have learned a few things regarding the integration of companies in the environmental industry. Growth by M&A, especially small, family-owned, lifestyle businesses, is often more of an art than a science. A primary objective of the integration process is to preserve the outstanding culture that supports the strategic rationale [...]

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Fiberglass Recycling, Resin Tank Management & Cleaning & Hazardous Waste Management

Fiberglass has a wide range of uses and applications in global manufacturing. Cars and boats are among the world’s largest producers and users of fiberglass products. Fiberglass is common in many manufacturing processes and products and while it serves them well it is not environmentally friendly. Fiberglass products like boats have an end of life [...]

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