Confidential Client

Upstate New York

July 2019 – November 2019

Project Overview

Terra Nova Solutions was entrusted with the focused removal of metals impacted soil from commercial and residential properties. Terra Nova had to work closely with the client, engineer and property owners to successfully removed impacted soil located around sensitive areas. Terra Nova excavated and managed 9,600 cubic yards of soil from six properties. The soil was transported to a private landfill where Terra Nova managed and graded the soil. Following the excavation services Terra Nova restored the site with imported common fill and top soil. During the course of the excavation work Terra Nova managed landscaping details including relocation of porches, sheds, walkways and flower beds.

Project Highlights

  • Remediation in accordance with New York State Department of Remediation (NYS DER-10) regulations.

  • Excavation, transport, and disposal of approximately 9,600 cubic yards of metals impacted soil.

  • Restoration of six properties with stone, clean fill, topsoil, and decorative landscape features.

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