Chemical Manufacturer

Lancaster, South Carolina

December 2014 – March 2016

Project Overview

Zebra was contracted to respond to a PCE spill on an emergency basis to contain and recover contaminated media and to mitigate the spread of contamination. Project scope included the full management of soil and water contamination surrounding an 800-foot stretch of roadway and an actively used facility loading dock. Immediately following initial containment efforts, Zebra was called to respond with a team of skilled operators, technicians, site manager and equipment to remove source material and to follow up with the removal of all impacted materials. The completion of this project was completed over a period of several months in conjunction with soil testing to assure target cleanup levels were met, and then to direct the return of the site to pre-spill conditions including repaving drive areas, adding clean fill/soil, and establishing vegetative cover.

Project Highlights

  • Emergency response to PCE spill on pavement and soils,

  • Excavated over 450 tons of contaminated media for hazardous waste disposal,

  • Recovered contaminated wastewaters for disposal and installed an activated carbon treatment system.

  • Installed a peroxidation soil treatment system for significantly impacted soils.

  • Completed activities while facility traffic and operations continued without interruption.

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