Confidential Client

Southeastern Massachusetts

July 2019 – December 2019

Project Overview

Terra Nova was charged with site preparation and support for the installation of a permeable reactive barrier (PRB) along the Acushnet River. The site preparation included the installation of sheeted water-tight shoring to 35 feet, excavation of 3,100 tons of hazardous impacted soil within the shoring, and management of 135,000 gallons of groundwater. Site restoration prior to the PRB installation included backfilling with low permeable soil and general fill, compaction testing, and sheeting removal. Terra Nova assisted the PRB contractor with equipment assembly and loading, materials management, and decontamination. Following PRB installation Terra Nova restored the site using an asphaltic hydraulic barrier. Challenges to the site work included working in close proximity to the Acushnet River with tidal fluctuations. Terra Nova worked diligently to maintain and enhance the Erosion controls devices throughout the Project.

Project Highlights

  • Excavation, transport, and disposal via rail of 3,100 tons of impacted soil and sediment.

  • Management, treatment, and disposal of 135,000 gallons of groundwater.

  • Supporting and assisting deep trenching PRB contractor.

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