Terra Nova Solutions specializes in resin tank cleaning concentrating on the boat manufacturing industry. Our Zebra Environmental division tank cleaning service area extends from Maine to Iowa and Florida. Our Team is one of the most highly recommended contractors in the eastern United States. This highly specialized service is performed by our personnel who are uniquely qualified and trained to do the job. Regular cleaning of resin tanks is a must to maintain cost efficient operations by reducing power consumption, improving product quality and reducing contaminated products that would end up in the landfill. Resin stored for production in these bulk tanks can be highly flammable thus cleaning requires highly trained individuals in the use of specialty equipment.

Terra Nova is the preferred provider of tank cleaning services for tanks and process equipment that hold or process resin and other environmentally -sensitive chemicals. We routinely perform specialized tank cleaning services for the marine, automotive, home products, and cultured marble industries. We have performed resin tank cleaning services for churches, windmill manufacturers, the RV industry as well as several other specialty companies. In fact, we have become one of the most recommended contractors in the waste resin management industry!

The Terra Nova staff of highly trained personnel and includes propriety and specialized heat treatment equipment that can remove a variety of hardened and non-hardened resins. Our dedicated crews use 3D cleaning heads to remove a wide variety of highly flammable material and hardened resins under confined space conditions. The Zebra division performs this waste management service and works seamlessly with your plant’s operations and health and safety requirements. Manufacturing safety and reducing risk are among our highest priorities regarding resin tank cleaning and hazardous waste removal.

Resin and other hazardous chemicals in the boat and auto manufacturing industries are often stored on-site in large tanks, or bulk drums. These chemicals pose all kinds of risks for manufacturers, their personnel, and the environment. Safe, compliant, and proper removal and cleaning require trained personnel. Terra Nova Solutions and its Pinnacle and Zebra divisions have the people and resources to remove your waste and clean resin tanks in an environmentally safe manner that meets local, state, and federal laws by combining strict compliance and customer service.

What we offer:

  • Our boiler system allows for multiple tank preparation.
  • The mobile system allows for remote site access.
  • We provide only CSE & LOTO trained professionals.
  • Resin distribution line flushing.
  • On-time delivery with a quick return to service.
  • Process and Plant decommissioning specialists.
  • Transportation & Disposal of residual wastes.
  • Service availability and reliability are 24/7/365.

In addition to tank cleaning, we are experts in waste recovery and recycling. We can handle it all—whether it is HAZARDOUS or NON-HAZARDOUS, large or small quantities, drums or bulk. Among the many options for disposal, we offer Fuel Blending of Btu waste for cement kilns (replacing the use of coal, oil, and other fossil fuels) and waste burning to produce electricity. Our team will come on-site and assist with the managing and compliance of all your waste streams.

We provide:

  • Documentation- Profiles, Labels, Manifest, LDR’s
  • Transportation- Vans and Tankers
  • Disposal-Compliance and Peace of Mind your waste is handled correctly
  • Training-RCRA Training
  • We deliver superior, innovative industrial waste management solutions that are customized for each client.

Many industries use fiberglass in manufacturing, but boat and auto manufacturers are among the primary producers. While fiberglass is fairly common in manufacturing it is not environmentally friendly.

Fiberglass products like boats have an end of life point when they can no longer be of use and have to be terminated. And termination typically means going to a landfill. Statistics vary, but even if you take a conservative number it’s estimated that as many as 25+ million boats are nearing the end of their life cycle in a given year and destined for a nearby landfill. Unfortunately, it can take up to 400 years for fiberglass to decompose in landfills making it a predatory and generational environmental hazard. The Terra Nova Solutions Team is certified in cutting-edge fiberglass recycling, repurposing, and waste. Our technicians and partners are trained in fiberglass recycling with the goal of zero landfill waste.

Contact us today about your resin tank cleaning needs.

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